The Male Herbal


By: James Green

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In this long-awaited second edition of The Male Herbal, James Green gives men the tools they need to create or maintain physical and emotional health through a customized herbal program. By following Green’s newly developed constitutional model and referencing the comprehensive alphabetical herbal listings, men can create an herbal program attuned to their unique body type, lifestyle, and health needs. Featuring life-changing information about common plants, herbal alternatives to Viagra, medicinal uses of herbs for male-specific issues, and nearly thirty recipes for teas, tinctures, salves, and tonics, this updated guide emphasizes prevention and health with sensitivity and wisdom.

Discover herbs and oils with Masculine properties.

The Male Herbal by James Green is a vital reference for me as a male healer. There is plenty written on women’s issues but very little on men’s herbal health. Green covers issues specific to men. First, men’s heart health. Second he covers stress and the immune system. Next, Prostate health which is most specifically unique to men. Furthermore he jumps into reproductive health. Consequently he dives into male aphrodisiacs’ and the herbal Viagra’s. Lastly James Green’s list of “72 remarkable herbs for men.”

The Male Herbal by James Green belongs on the shelf of every male green way practitioner.

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