The Encyclopedia of Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Crystals and How to Use Them by Judy Hall



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Read The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall back cover and table of contents. Then, if it resonates with you, add it to your cart and buy it today for your personal library. We are providing the content as an educational aid to your virtual shopping experience. Fair Winds copyrighted text.

Encyclopedia Back Cover:

Internationally bestselling author Judy Hall presents a newly updated and expanded comprehensive guide to more than 450 powerful healing crystals, including and additional 50 stunning stones.

The Encyclopedia of Crystals is organized by color for easy reference, and the comprehensive index makes finding and identifying crystals effortless. Each entry provides a detailed description of the crystals source, benefits, and associations. In addition, you’ll also learn fascinating facts about their properties and origins.

• Discover the best way to cleans and activate crystals.
• Learn the associations between crystals, the chakras, the zodiac, and numerology.
• Understand the unique properties associated with the colors of a particular type of stone.
• Get Helpful, authoritative advice on using crystals to heal.

If you work with crystals or you simply love everything mysterious and magical about them, then The Encyclopedia od Crystals is an essential addition to your library.

Judy Hall has been teaching and writing about crystals for more than 45 years. She is a leading crystal and spiritual writer with sales of more than one million books worldwide. Her books include 101 Power Crystals, The Crystal Bible, The Crystal Bible 2, and the Crystal Bible 3.

The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall table of contents:

Crystal Index
Pink and Peach Crystals
Red and Orange Crystals
Yellow, Cream and Gold Crystals
Green Crystals
Green-blue and Turquoise Crystals
Blue and Indigo Crystals
Purple, Lavender, and Violet Crystals
Brown Crystals
Black, Silver, and Grey Crystals
White and Colorless Crystals
Combination Stones
Quartz Tools

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