The Book of Runes Set


by Ralph H Blum
25- 1.25″ x .75″ ceramic tunes
Draw String Pouch

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The Book of Runes set includes 25- 1.25 x .75 inch ceramic Runes, a pouch and the 150-page illustrated commentary by Ralph H Blum.

From the box:

You are holding in your hands something very special, an ancient Western Oracle, to serve and guide you in your life right now.

Is it time to press forward or retreat? What new road is opening before you? If there is an obstacle in your path, how can you overcome it? Amazingly accurate from the very first time you use them, these Runes will help you find your bearings every step along your way.

With a new introduction to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of this international bestseller, Ralph Blum’s classic work is even more relevant today as a self-counseling tool for the twenty-first century.

“It’s high time someone treated the Runes as part of living Western shamanism. We need our shamans, after all, and you don’t need an appointment to see your Runes.”- Margaret Mead, anthropologist

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What Are the Runes?

A thousand years in the past, the Viking, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon peoples used the Runes as an Oracle, a means of insight into the present and the future. At the end of the twentieth century, Ralph H. Blum devised a system for consulting the Runes as a contemporary self-help system- a way of accessing knowledge of our subconscious minds. Over two million people regard The Book of Runes as a treasured companion to take along on their personal journey of self-discovery, growth and change.

Now, drawing on his work with tens of thousands of Rune users around the globe, Blum has updated and revised this oracular system for a new generation. Used as a meditation aid by some, a revealing game by others. The book of Runes is a unique counseling tool for the finest art of all- the art of self-change.

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