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The Sacred Spiral Chime Candle Holder fits 1/2″ and .58″ chime candles. Also, you will need a drop of wax in the base to keep the candle secure. Here are some other spiral related products you might consider to go along with your holder.

Width – 4.25″
Height – 0.86″

The spiral or concentric circle is a sacred geometric form. It’s origins are not clear. Pre-historic examples exist around the world. The meanings are based upon culture. To illustrate, one culture may use it to express creation; another the after life. Consequently, you can use your own meaning and not be wrong.

Here are some examples of how the spiral chime candle holder could be interpreted. First, the movement of the spirals could represent water or fluid states. Next, there are five spirals which could relate to the five elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, or the five senses. In the same way, they could represent any other significant meaning to five. Finally, you can add depth to the meanings by considering the origins or eternity of what ever you related five to. For example, the origin and eternity of Water; the origin and eternity of light, the possibilities are endless.

In working magic, choose a candle color related to the intent. For example, eternity of Divine Feminine Creation , a white candle. On the other hand, a black candle to cast negative energies into the eternal expansion to dissipate.



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Weight4 oz
Dimensions4.75 × 4.75 × 1.75 in

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