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Medium are 11-19g
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Sodalite crystal meaning is developing. The crystal was identified within the last century and has a short history. It was not identified by the ancestors. You won’t find it in any medieval or ancient text.

Your experimentation and use of sodalite crystal is creating the history. You should build your own relationship with sodalite. Discover how it wants to help you with your own magic experience.

What are the Properties of Sodalite?

Metaphysical healers are using sodalite crystals for emotionally related dis-ease. The stone is calming and is not one of the high vibration stones. Slower vibrations aid in finding calmness, let go of baggage, and clear your mind.

The properties of sodalite include relaxing the physical body, promoting inner peace, clearing confusion and enhances wisdom. It dispels fear, and helps you let go of unnecessary guilt.

What does sodalite crystal do?

Sit with sodalite and allow it to calm you. Rub sodalite on the body to help you release stress, anger and nervousness. Sometimes these emotions get triggered from within.

Self-inflicted dis-ease is hard to work through. Sodalite can provide support for working through unnecessary guilt. When you use sodalite conscientiously it promotes wisdom. Now, use that wisdom to increase clarity and get rid of confusion. Let go of the negative energies holding you back.

After resolving inner conflict, allow sodalite to still your mind and relax the physical body. After you’ve released your inner turmoil, allow inner peace to flow in.

Physically, sodalite crystal healing properties maintains your metabolism. It is useful in balancing the lymph system and conditions of the throat. Sympathetically, you can use it for the throat chakra.

Some of what sodalite crystal do is shown here. Apply these suggestions and discover sodalite crystal meaning for yourself.

Sodalite crystal meaning

This list includes its associations, sodalite crystal healing properties, and sodalite metaphysical properties.

Element: Air

Planet: Venus

Zodiac: Libra- Sagittarius

Chakra: Third Eye – Throat

Number: 4

Hardness: 5.5-6

Properties / Aids With: Intuition – Wisdom- Clarity – Communication -Guidance – Truth

Toxic: No


How do you choose a crystal?
First decide, what is your desired outcome or intent? For example, using it on a chakra point or using it for a certain healing or magical properties. Likewise, choose a crystal based on its associations and properties. Alternatively, you may want a specific crystal that has already spoken to you through other energy work. On the other hand, select what catches your eye. In the end, you will never choose a crystal the wrong way.

How do I cleanse a crystal?
Here’s our article on how to cleanse your crystals. Be nice to your new crystal. They have had one hell of a journey to get to you. We start their clearing process here. We welcome the crystals when they arrive, make sure they look healthy, and put them in a clear plant-based bag with a nice soft bed of cleansing herbs.


Packaged in plant based plastic that is 100% compostable. Read more about our packaging.
Your crystal package includes a small amount of a cleansing herbal blend and a card with the crystal properties you see here.

Photos are a representation of the crystals in stock. Every crystal is unique and will vary in color, dimension, and texture. The crystals in the photo are not necessarily the one you will receive.

Medical Disclaimer
**Crystals should not be ingested, applied or inhaled by those who are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant; individuals who are breastfeeding; or those age 17 or younger.
** Use at your own risk.
** Metaphysical properties and/or outcomes are not guaranteed.

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