Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs


By: Steven Foster

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Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs is an updated field guide to the medicinal plants and herbs found in eastern and central North America. Medicinal plants are increasingly well regarded as supplements and sometimes as alternatives for prescription drugs. Steven Foster & James A. Duke, using advances in the study of medicinal plants & their combined experience of over 100 years, have completely revised and updated the guide. You will discover over 500 species of plants and herbs. They are the most significant medicinal plants in the eastern and central United States and Canada including both native and alien species. Seven hundred plus images, the organization-by-color system, and simplified warnings make identifying medicinal plants fast and easy.

You will discover in each listing:

  • Common name
  • Specific epithet
  • Family
  • Part used
  • Physical characteristics
  • Habitat
  • Key Traits
  • Uses
  • Warnings

If you’re not into foraging visit our dried herbs cupboard.

Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs also covers foraging which does have it’s benefits and challenges. First, if the plant is rare or unusual for your area leave it alone. Second, never collect all of the species, only collect what you need. Foraging should never be used for profit!!! Third, get permission from the land owner first. Next, harvest and the correct time of the year; allow the plant to survive. Last, only take bark from horizontal branches, NEVER vertical.

Foraging allows you connect with the plant in it’s own environment. You are meeting the herb on it’s terms on it’s on turf. These wild plants are survivors and have worked hard to survive. Respect their life by harvesting responsibly.

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