Iolite Tumbled


Size weights:
Small are 4-12g
Medium are 12-19g
Large are 20-25g



Element: Water

Planet: Saturn

Zodiac: Libra – Taurus – Sagittarius

Chakra: Third Eye

Number: 7

Hardness: 7

Properties / Aids With: Strong Constitution – Visualization – Discord in Relationships

Toxic: No


Packaged in plant based plastic that is 100% compostable. Read more about our packaging.
Your crystal package includes a small amount of a cleansing herbal blend and a card with the crystal properties you see here.

Photos are are a representation of the crystals in stock. Every crystal is unique and will vary in color, dimension and texture. The crystals in the photo are not necessarily the one you will receive.

Medical Disclaimer
**Crystals should not be ingested, applied or inhaled by: those who are pregnant or attempting to
become pregnant; individuals who are breast feeding; or those age 17 or younger.
** Use at your own risk.
** Metaphysical properties and/or outcomes are not guaranteed.

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Small, Medium, Large


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