Cosmos Tarot Reading Cloth



100% Cotton fabric and thread


Cosmos Tarot Reading Cloth handmade just for you with 100% cotton fabric and thread.  Use this as an altar cloth, tarot or divination cloth, or accent an area for the season.

One side features a cosmic nebula like print.

The other side features a hand dyed oil/water pattern.

This two sided cloth fits the need as both altar cloth or a tarot reading cloth. The cloth is 100% cotton so it’s all natural. It’s not going to transfer negative or spoiled energies like polyester and other chemical fibers. As a tarot reading cloth it establishes a natural platform for the cards. This is especially helpful when working at fairs or festivals where the tables may be plastic or laminated. Use your cloth to wrap your tarot cards in between workings. It keeps them safe and happy.

With two sides your Cosmos Tarot Reading Cloth is versatile. What to use it for? What ever the meanings are you give to it. Use it in ceremonies or workings where the color relates to the intent. Perhaps the design or print impresses a meaning on you. Use it on a specific occasion like a moon phase or one of the solar festivals. For example, black cloth with a moon could mean new moon, or acorns could be used at Litha.


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16" x 16", 18" x 18", 22" x 22"


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