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This bamboo basket infuser or tea strainer is a nice natural way to infuse fresh or dried herbs.  The two handles rest on the rim of the cup or mug.  Simply place the bamboo basked into a cup or mug.  Add dried herbs to the basket (we suggest a course ground), then pour hot water over the herb material.  Fill the mug enough to allow the herbs to steep.  When the infusion is strong enough, simply lift the basket up and your herb material is easily removed.  Some herb particles will be left behind.  Perhaps it’s a good time to take up tasseography.

What do you do with the used herb material?  We suggest returning it to where it came from.  Put it in your compost pile or simply sling it into the yard.  Don’t have a yard?  Place the spent herb into a container and take it with you on your next walk in the woods and return it to the Earth there.

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