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Welcome to the cupboard for herb infuser accessories.  Here you’ll find tea balls, bath balls, French presses and strainers. Use these tools to make your own herbal teas or healing waters. Create herbal teas for healing and wellbeing. Infuse the waters used in the sacred cup at ceremonies with herbs related to a specific intent, zodiac, or Deity. Tea balls are dangled in a cup. Tea spoon infusers have a handle that enables you to stir the water with the infuser to aid in infusion. Strainers rest on a cup then water is poured over the herbs. French presses are useful in making strong herbal infusions for health and wellbeing because they can holding more herbal macerate in proportion to the water.

An herb infuser can also be used for baths. Bath balls are big and hold a lot of herbs for soothing herbal baths. Use a combination of calm relaxing herbs after a long day or herbs for healthy skin. Cleansing baths before ritual may also be infused with herbs relating to the intent of the sacred time.

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