Herbs and the Zodiac

Herbs and the zodiac is an important topic for magickal correspondences. Just like your people friends, every herb has specific skills (properties) and other friendships (associations). When working with lunar cycles, you can enhance you magick through the inclusion of herbs that associate with the astrological sign the moon is in.

Herbs for Anxiety

 Some anxiety is natural and healthy.   The right herbs for anxiety can help calm us enough to work through anxiety in a healthy way. 

The Magical & Metaphysical Properties of Valerian Root

     The magical & metaphysical properties of Valerian Root have been used for centuries. We have compiled the history of Valerian and its use in magical and metaphysical practice. The medicinal use of Valerian is covered but mind our… Continue Reading…

New Essential Oils and Blends

NEW! Basic Earth Essentials To complement our line of herbs we have added essential oils and blends from Basic Earth Essentials (BEE).  We did months of research to find a reputable source for your essential oils.  Basic Earth Essentials exceeded… Continue Reading…

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