The Magical & Metaphysical Properties of Valerian Root


     The magical & metaphysical properties of Valerian Root have been used for centuries. We have compiled the history of Valerian and its use in magical and metaphysical practice. The medicinal use of Valerian is covered but mind our medical disclaimer as we are not physicians or therapists.


     There are about 150 species world wide of the specific epithet, Valeriana. It was so well regarded as a remedy in medieval times that it was commonly referred to as ‘All Heal’.

     The root is aromatic. Though most find the smell unappealing and think it smells like feet or a locker room. Cats seem to be intoxicated by its scent and it seems attractive to rats as well and was used to bait rat traps. Then again, Anglo-Saxon’s in England would use the stems and leaves of the herb as salad. Other traditions would place the root in with clothing and use it as a base in perfumes.

Magickal & Metaphysical Properties of Valerian Root

Properties of Valerian

Medicinal *

     Valerian is used to relax the nerves. It has been used sedative and is safe to use to reduce anxiety, tension and hysterical states. Its antispasmodic properties aids in relieving muscle and menstrual cramps. 


1 teaspoon valerian steeped in a cup of hot water for 15minutes.

Tension and mental calming: ½ teaspoon valerian, ½ teaspoon skullcap

Sleep: ½ teaspoon valerian, ¼ teaspoon passion flower. Drink one hour before bed


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