New Essential Oils and Blends

New Essential Oils & Blends

NEW! Basic Earth Essentials

To complement our line of herbs we have added essential oils and blends from Basic Earth Essentials (BEE).  We did months of research to find a reputable source for your essential oils.  Basic Earth Essentials exceeded all of our criteria. 

We wanted a supplier who knew where their products were sourced from.  Just like our herbs, the origin of their single herb essential oils are on each listing.  We found no other suppliers who do this.

Organic & Sustainable

Organic and sustainable sourcing is important to us and we needed a supplier with the same philosophy.  They source their ingredients from organic and sustainably sound farms.  You won’t see organic labeling on the products though.  Basic Earth Essentials is a family owned small business.  The expenses of certified organic labeling is cost prohibitive, just like it is for our products.  That doesn’t mean it’s any less organic or pure.

We required a supplier with unadulterated essential oils whose blends use essential oils and not fragrances.  Basic Earth Essentials products have no chemical additives, synthetic fragrances, unnatural dyes, or preservatives, just like our products.  They even lab test their raw ingredients to insure they are pure.  The essential oils are either steam distilled or pressed, none are absolutes which use chemical extraction.

Aromatherapy Blends

When it came to blends, we wanted a supplier that was mindful of the healing benefits of essential oils.  Basic Earth Essentials are hand crafted by an individual certified in aromatherapy.  Their blends for forgivenessacceptanceinspiration and more promote healing within and without.  Now, there is nothing wrong with magickal concoctions for money, lust, luck, etc. but there is a real need for real healing.  Magick can’t start until we are one with ourselves and with the universal energies.

Our hope is that you enjoy the essential oils and blends from Basic Earth Essentials.  My they bring healing and magick into your lives and homes. 

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